Industrial Goods and Services

I have recently taken on a new industrial type client, and am in the process of obtaining another industrial goods type client. These two clients, although not sites that sell consumer goods, do indirectly have an influence on consumers. One client, specializes in industrial services that make industries work more effectively through automation. This may not apply directly to the consumer, as in a product that a consumer can touch and use. However, indirectly, it allows the consumer to get their consumable items at a quicker rate, and hopefully at a reduced price, due to decrease in production costs that can result from the increase in automation efficiency.

Another, potential client, manufacturers items that relate to the advertising of consumer items as well as industrial related labels and tags, which similarly, affect consumers indirectly.

Industrial Goods and Services Resources:

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Nutrition and Health Resources

VegtablesNutrition is one of the most important factors that determines a person health state and which can help to ensure ones good health. It is not say that you will never get sick or never get a disease if you maintain a nutritious diet, but making good choices about what you eat will increase the odds of maintaining your good health. Nutrition also plays an important part in your emotional well being. Studies have shown that children who have a good diet do better on standardized tests and in school in general.

Below is a list of health and nutrition Resources. If you know of a resource that should be on this list, please leave a comment and it will be considered for inclusion as time permits.

Nutrition and Health Resources

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Shopping for Music

Music is a great present to get someone for Christmas which has many forms that it can be given to include CD’s , instruments, MP3 players, and music lessons to name a few. My better half, Lizzie does a lot of shopping online and so far this year she has purchased more than one music related Christmas present. Just last week she was shopping on the site and bought an Ion USB turntable for one of her sons. Ion USB Turntable BoxThis is a record player that can be used to turn your old records into computer music files. He is always bringing home albums that he finds at yard sales or flea markets. This in itself can be a used to make presents by converting peoples old records for them into CD’s. I would love it if I got some of my old records converted. I am sure I will be able to use it as well.

In addition to this item, Lizzie is always going onto for CD’s for the kids. Her son who got the turntable is a big one for this type of music gift. Half is great because it has a huge selection of music, but as its name states, everything is half off. And since it is an off shoot of Ebay, everything can be paid for via Paypal or one of their other payment options.

Another type of gift that Lizzie has gotten in the past is music lessons, in particular string instrument lessons. Now this strikes me as being a good gift, however, the lessons were given in the form of a gift certificate for lessons at a local music shop. The gift certificates to the best of my knowledge have yet to be used. The lessons have not been learned.

I had been channel surfing the night before last, and I come across a infomercial for the Esteban Master Class Guitar package. Previously I had reviewed the Esteban Guitar package from, in the Holiday Shopping post. I realized that this package not only has the Master Class Esteban Guitar, but it also has 5 instructional DVDs and a lot of other guitar accessories. This is pretty cool because it would give a person a basic understanding of playing guitar, lessons that never expire and can be watched and practiced over and over.

Music is an important part of the holidays, from the Christmas Carols, to the hymns at church. So if you have someone that is hard to shop for, think about a gift of music which can range from CD’s or gift certificates from local music shops. Giving the gift of music is a gift that shows you care and wish the recipient good fortune and happiness in the new year.

Below in the previous post, are some Music shopping resources that may be useful when shopping for Music. If you know of a resource that should be included in this list, please let me know by making a comment and I will add the shopping resource if appropriate.

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Music Shopping Resources

This is a Music Shopping resources list with many great sites on the net that focus on different areas of music.Musical Notes From mp3 downloads, to music lessons. This list will include but not be limited to any music related site to include directories that are both general with music categories and music niche directories. If you would like to give the gift of music for the Holidays or a birthday, please check out the resource list below. If you know of a resource that should be included here please let me know by making a comment and I will add if appropriate.

  1. for half priced CD’s
  2. Music category in a general directory.
  3. a general directory, has a music category with pages of hundreds of music related sites.

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Shopping for Real Estate Products

Mountain Home

Real Estate is the vehicle by which many millionaires have made their fortunes. Therefore, the study of Real Estate as a means to invest for ones future is a very worthwhile endeavor. As with any financial endeavor, due diligence is required in order to become a successful investor. There are multitudes of resources available on line about investing real estate, both paid and free. Resources can include directories with links to real estate related sites, blogs about real estate, real estate information site where a product is being marketed such as tools for real estate investors. Other sites maybe resources for Realtors or real estate financers. Many of the sites that are designed for the real estate professional also have information that can be helpful to the non-professional person. There are also sites that can teach a non-professional how to invest in real estate with little or no money down by using what is known as private money or hard money.

Hard money is money that is loaned out for a piece of real estate, using the actual property as collateral. Hard Money loans typically have a higher interest rate than a traditional mortgage because they are done rather quickly and due to the amount of risk that is involved with making a hard money loan.

Private Money is money that is loaned out for real estate, it generally is also a hard money loan, but it is not loaned by a traditional financial organization such as a bank or mortgage company. Private money lenders maybe a type of investor or group of investors that loan out money for projects in order to get a high return on their investment.

Go Here for other Real Estate Resources.

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Real Estate Resources

Real Estate Resources page of sites that are simply real estate resources of one kind or another, to include but not limited to directories with real estate categories, real estate listing pages, or blogs about real estate. If you happen to know of a real estate related site that should be on the list, leave a comment, and I will see what I can do. Many of the sites listed but not all are partner websites. Any real estate related partnerships will be considered, to include site reviews on this site or an other real estate related site and listings on this Real Estate Resources page.


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Holiday Shopping

My Christmas List Banner
Christmas unfortuneatley is a time of year that many merchants look forward to due to increased consumer spending. Budgets are gone over to find that perfect present. I myself hate shopping at malls and would prefer to do all my shopping online. But I do venture out occasionally, I even made it out on Black Friday which was a horendous shopping experience that resulted in several Christmas presents being bought, but not the intended gift of a computer for my kids. That will be done at later time when my sanity is not influenced by a commercially induced shopping spree.

Below are some holiday shopping resources that might prove useful if you should choose not to venture out into the mass hysteria know as the mall.

  • is always a great resource that we frequently use for such things as half priced music and Dvd’s.
  • For all your pets please visit for a new Pet Collar or a any of their other designer pet items. I just love their Looney Toones pet tags.
  • As much as it pains me to say, I also shop at Wallmart, but have found some real bargains on A friend had been shopping on line for a printer, and saw one on the site, but went to the store were the price was different. He told them about the price and they told him he should have made a copy of it, and brought it in for credit. Since he was shopping for a printer he did not have, the manager gave him credit.

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