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The Magic Bullet Blender

One morning I was up at an unusual time, after getting my coffee, I sat down and turned on the tube. For some odd reason, I settled in on the infomercial for The Magic Bullet. This was one funny infomercial because there was this little old lady in the panel who had a cigarette hanging out of her mouth. It was just such a ridiculous commercial. The panel of users was watching as the presenters were making lots of food items with their Magic Bullet, and the ews and ahhs were just way too funny.

A few weeks later, I was chatting with a friend from twitter, and he was telling me he was having a diet shake that he made in his Magic bullet. He swore by it, saying he uses it two to three times a day…he was a believer. He highly recommended that I get one. I have actually seen them at various other stores, but have been a little reluctant. After all the only thing that I would be getting the Magic Bullet for would be to make my smoothies, and I use a blender for this task, at most three times a week.

Then today I was doing a bit more research, and I found a site that does reviews of as seen on tv products. The bullet had less then spectacular reviews. Many people said that if you wanted to liquify something it was great, but if you wanted to make something minces, like slaw, it would chop it way too finely. Well this should not be a problem for me, since the primary thing I would be using it for is as I said, to make my shakes.

I can not yet recommend the Magic Bullet, but I do plane on investing in one in the near future. I also plan on looking for the Magic Bullet infomercial on tv, because it was just hilarious.

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