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Real Estate is the vehicle by which many millionaires have made their fortunes. Therefore, the study of Real Estate as a means to invest for ones future is a very worthwhile endeavor. As with any financial endeavor, due diligence is required in order to become a successful investor. There are multitudes of resources available on line about investing real estate, both paid and free. Resources can include directories with links to real estate related sites, blogs about real estate, real estate information site where a product is being marketed such as tools for real estate investors. Other sites maybe resources for Realtors or real estate financers. Many of the sites that are designed for the real estate professional also have information that can be helpful to the non-professional person. There are also sites that can teach a non-professional how to invest in real estate with little or no money down by using what is known as private money or hard money.

Hard money is money that is loaned out for a piece of real estate, using the actual property as collateral. Hard Money loans typically have a higher interest rate than a traditional mortgage because they are done rather quickly and due to the amount of risk that is involved with making a hard money loan.

Private Money is money that is loaned out for real estate, it generally is also a hard money loan, but it is not loaned by a traditional financial organization such as a bank or mortgage company. Private money lenders maybe a type of investor or group of investors that loan out money for projects in order to get a high return on their investment.

Go Here for other Real Estate Resources.

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