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Holiday Shopping

My Christmas List Banner
Christmas unfortuneatley is a time of year that many merchants look forward to due to increased consumer spending. Budgets are gone over to find that perfect present. I myself hate shopping at malls and would prefer to do all my shopping online. But I do venture out occasionally, I even made it out on Black Friday which was a horendous shopping experience that resulted in several Christmas presents being bought, but not the intended gift of a computer for my kids. That will be done at later time when my sanity is not influenced by a commercially induced shopping spree.

Below are some holiday shopping resources that might prove useful if you should choose not to venture out into the mass hysteria know as the mall.

  • is always a great resource that we frequently use for such things as half priced music and Dvd’s.
  • For all your pets please visit for a new Pet Collar or a any of their other designer pet items. I just love their Looney Toones pet tags.
  • As much as it pains me to say, I also shop at Wallmart, but have found some real bargains on A friend had been shopping on line for a printer, and saw one on the site, but went to the store were the price was different. He told them about the price and they told him he should have made a copy of it, and brought it in for credit. Since he was shopping for a printer he did not have, the manager gave him credit.

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Blog Promotion Resources

As with all my blogs, this one will need to have a certain amount of promotion. This post will be were I list the resources to promote this blog. The first place I will submit it to is my Technorati Profile, which is always a good resource for bloggers in genral. Lots of great blog sites to search through.

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Jewelry Shopping

Jewelry shopping is going to be the first official post to this blog. I am currently working on an undisclosed jewelery site which I may review at a later time. This post however is going to be a list of Jewelery (oops) Jewelry shopping sites and Jewelry resource links. Jewelry sites are becoming more and more prominent on the Internet. The day will come when everyone will buy their precious stones on-line. I do believe that the days of the diamond cartel are over due greatly to the vast amounts of knowledge available on the Internet. Do a little research into Debeers, especially the history of Debeers to find out what a racket the diamond industry is, and how they have created one of the most successful marketing campaigns of history…who do you think came up with the two months salary rule for a diamond, certainly not a consumer. So below is a list of resources that hopefully serve to help some people make wise purchases of some fine diamonds or better yet a fine diamond stimulant. But what ever your choice, I hope you are able to make it wisely and live with your jewelry purchase for a long happy time.

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