How to Reach a Real Person

I was just sent an email which recommended this article to the readers of this blog. PBX Hell: 50+ Hacks to Get to a Real Person in 10 Seconds or Less . I checked out the article, and it looks like a really groovy article with some really nice tips for getting through to an actual person and not just an answering service…got to hate long telephone messages with tons of options….ugh. Well check out the article, and hope it is of service.

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The Magic Bullet Blender

One morning I was up at an unusual time, after getting my coffee, I sat down and turned on the tube. For some odd reason, I settled in on the infomercial for The Magic Bullet. This was one funny infomercial because there was this little old lady in the panel who had a cigarette hanging out of her mouth. It was just such a ridiculous commercial. The panel of users was watching as the presenters were making lots of food items with their Magic Bullet, and the ews and ahhs were just way too funny.

A few weeks later, I was chatting with a friend from twitter, and he was telling me he was having a diet shake that he made in his Magic bullet. He swore by it, saying he uses it two to three times a day…he was a believer. He highly recommended that I get one. I have actually seen them at various other stores, but have been a little reluctant. After all the only thing that I would be getting the Magic Bullet for would be to make my smoothies, and I use a blender for this task, at most three times a week.

Then today I was doing a bit more research, and I found a site that does reviews of as seen on tv products. The bullet had less then spectacular reviews. Many people said that if you wanted to liquify something it was great, but if you wanted to make something minces, like slaw, it would chop it way too finely. Well this should not be a problem for me, since the primary thing I would be using it for is as I said, to make my shakes.

I can not yet recommend the Magic Bullet, but I do plane on investing in one in the near future. I also plan on looking for the Magic Bullet infomercial on tv, because it was just hilarious.

Nutrition related Resources;

  • has a Diet-&-Nutrition category with some groovy sites listed.
  • A great directory, AskFrank also has a Nutrition category with a ton of nutrition related sites.

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Grocery Shopping on Amazon

I have an affiliate membership with and I was testing out their Grocery Shopping program, but you won’t findBran Chex it on this page. So Lizzie had been shopping at Walmart and other stores in our area, and was unable to find Bran Chex a really healthy food that Lizzie enjoys in the morning, at any of the local stores. So when I was on Amazon doing some research for an affiliate link, I noticed that they were doing a referral special for their grocery shopping service. 3 dollars per referral. I suppose that could add up.

Anyway I checked out the program, and found the cereal that Lizzie has been trying to find. Looking at the prices, it came out to something like $15 for what I thought would be 5 boxes of cereal. Which came out to about 3.50 a box which was comparable to the grocery store. So after checking with Lizzie, I placed the order. Several days later, the package arrives, but with only one 16oz box of cereal. WTF. I certainly had not intended to pay 15 bucks for one box of Bran chex, and I am sure Lizzie would not have approved that purchase.

Looking back at the Amazon adds, the package of 5 boxes is not available, but the single box is available. Just the way Amazon has their adds is very deceptive. So needless to say, I am not happy with the Amazon service, nor will I recommend it to others.

I just tried to contact them via a contact form on the site. I will try to contact them next week and see what they have to say. But for now, please be careful when using Amazon’s Grocery Shopping Service.

Some shopping Resources:

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Pet Sites, Pet Resources, and Pet Blogs

Pet sites are very abundant on the Internet, which only makes sense. Sites that are made about our passions seem to have Ditty Maothe best results. Passion for pets is an area that many pet owners can understand. The sacrifices we make are very understandable, since often times they are just like adopted family members. In some cases, they are the only family members. At other times, such as with seeing eye dogs, we are dependent upon them for our safety and general well being. Regardless if it is a cat, dog, snake, or fish; pets for the most part, improve the quality of life for everyone.

Please visit the following pet resources, and if you have a pet resource you would like added to the list, please leave a comment with a link to the resource in the comments and it will be evaluated in due course.

Pet Resources

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Weight Loss Programs

Weight Loss programs will always be more efficient when the program combines the two components of nutrition and exercise.

Nutrition involves the stuff we put into our mouthes to sustain us. Good programs will help the individuals to make small changes that will lead to big results. Nutritional changes can take the form of teaching portion control to teaching about the quality of foods that we consume.

The second component which will help you to be more effective with the results of your weight loss program, is Exercise. Exercise does not necessarily mean running a marathon or even doing things that are physically strenuous. Of course, the more physical activity you get, the more calories you are going to burn. This might be taking the stairs instead of the elevator or walking to places that are close by instead of driving. When beginning to exercise, gradually increase the amount of physical activity slowly to avoid injury.

Before undertaking any life changing program, make sure you do your home work or due dilligence, and consult with medical professionals before beginning any weight loss program.

Helpful links weight loss related resources:

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Weight Loss Products

The weight loss product industry is a huge market that is growing exponentially. Our society is going through an epidemic of obesity. With our improved technology, comes a less physical life style that results in ever increasing waist lines. Consumers have many choices about what products to choose for weight loss. I actually do marketing for a product weight loss shake which can be purchased from You can read about the shakes in in an article on the blog entitled Green Tea Weight Loss from

Other weightloss resources:


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Travel Industry

The travel industry is a Multi Billion Dollar industry that continues to grow year after year, and for many communities represents the lions share of the community income. Care for a Hershey bar from Mexico anyone.

Sites in the travel category can range from hotels, restaurants, vacation planners, event sponsors, cruise lines and the like. We ourselves have a Philadelphia Hotel Window ViewPhiladelphia Travel blog that does reviews of our travels, which are frequently in the Philadelphia area, due to its proximity to our current home of Boyertown, PA. Recent travel posts include trips to the Philadelphia, Atalanta, and Gananoque Ontario.

Future travel reviews will include hopefully destination in Hawaii, Las Vegas and Canada. Future travel related posts will also be contributed to this blog as well.

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